Our Seattle Apartment Tour

The wonderful people at Apartment Therapy have published an abbreviated version of this tour! Click here to view our latest Apartment Therapy home tour! And if you’re curious about what our last apartment looked like, you can check out our 2017 feature on Apartment Therapy.

In May of last year, Ben and I were busy moving out of our apartment that we lived in for the past 3 years. We had the itch to move since 2018 and even toured several apartments, almost applying for a few, but always decided to put it off because we knew it’d be a long and stressful process.

After getting back from Hong Kong and Tokyo in April 2019, I was chatting to my coworker about possibly looking at apartments now that the weather is better suited for moving. She mentioned a new building that just opened across from her apartment. Ben and I decided to tour the place and instantly fell in love with this layout of this unit. While it’s technically an “urban one bedroom,” it doesn’t have the claustrophobic rectangular layout that you usually see in urban 1×1’s in Seattle (basically the layout we used to be in) and actually looks much more like a traditional one bedroom. Without touring any other buildings, we applied that night.

I’ve been talking about publishing a home tour ever since we first moved in, and I’m finally getting around to it 9 months later. Anyone who loves decorating and interior design will know that one is never truly done decorating a home, and this was absolutely the case with me. But here it is, finally, in all its (photo form) glory – our apartment!

Key details that might be useful if you’re thinking of moving to Seattle:

  • $2600 all in with rent, utilities, and parking
  • Our apartment is an “urban one-bedroom”
  • 680 square feet, new construction
  • Good amenities (paid on-site parking, washer dryer in unit, common areas, gym)
  • Located in Seattle proper (less than 20 min walk from downtown)

The style

My goal was to create a cozy, warm, modern, functional space that actually felt lived in and had personality. It can be easy to create a space that is beautiful, but feels too sterile or cleaned up as if it was a staged home. With this space, I went for a lighter, warmer color palette than our old apartment. Taking inspiration from multiple styles of design, I was able to create something that feels very me – for example, we went mid-century modern for most of our furniture, and incorporated a bit of boho style into the decor of the space. I love that the overall vibe is a fun, lighthearted jungalow vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Now onto the photos!

Living Room

This couch is an Article piece that Ben picked out from Ballard Consignment. Some customer returns from Article are sent to consignment stores such as Ballard Consignment, and we were able to get this $1000 sofa for $650 in practically new condition.

A few years ago, I was drooling over this West Elm console but couldn’t justify spending $800 on a TV stand. Somehow, we serendipitously found a discounted floor model with a few minor scratches at the Seattle Store for over 50% off. I love that I’m able to hide our router and Apple TV in it, and still have a ton of space to hide other items.

This framed print is a limited edition prints from House of Minalima, the graphic design company that does all the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beast movies. We have two – one is the Weasley Family Clock print (only 1000 in print), which is hanging by our front door. The other is seen by the cat tree, which is a gold foiled Fantastic Beasts print, which we were sent for donating to JK Rowling’s charity, Lumos. They are two of my prized possessions!

This cat tree is one of the first things we bought for our first apartment three years ago, and it’s still going strong. I love how it blends in with our decor and isn’t an eyesore like so many traditional cat trees are.

Mounting our TV is something we didn’t do in our old apartment, and I’m so happy we decided to do it here. I was able to do most of the install myself (Ben helped me hold the TV up as I attached it to the wall studs). Mounting our TV has freed up space on our credenza, and we are also able to watch shows from the kitchen.

If you’ve toured apartments in Seattle, you’ll know that dividers between a living room and bedroom are pretty common when there’s not a real wall built between the two rooms. I’m pretty sure this is done so that the apartment is coded as a “studio” and so they don’t have to build a window in the bedroom. ANYWAY. I love how the developers of this building decided to make this divider useful by installing built in shelves and cabinets here. We keep office supplies, electronics, books, and other “junk” that doesn’t fit anywhere else in this divider. There’s still so much room in it that we haven’t filled up yet, which is amazing!

Links to everything I could find:
TV Console/Credenza – West Elm
Couch – Article
Throw pillows on couch – Target
Floor lamp – Target with HUE Smart lights
Rug – Target
Pink Accent Chair – Target
Winky accent pillow – Urban Outfitters
Bookshelf – Wayfair (sold out, same one available on OVERSTOCK)
Vordano Mini Fan/Air Circulator – Target
Marble and gold coffee table – Target
Cat tree – Vesper
Cat Scratcher – Amazon
Wood clock – Crate and Barrel (unavailable, similar one from Target)
Cat Print – Lara Lee Meintjes via Society6
Bird of Paradise Beige Planter – Urban Outfitters
Beige Planter – West Elm
Black Planter – Target
White Table Planter with Wood Stand – West Elm
White and wood rattan planter for cactus – CB2

Shop My Living Room:

Office Nook

I decided to take advantage of this empty space behind the couch and create an office nook. This leaning desk from West Elm fits perfectly against this wall, matches the wood hues of the built-ins, and is large enough for my 21″ iMac without taking up as much space as a traditional desk. Above the desk, I have a trailing gardenia plant that is sadly dying (EDIT: it’s now sadly in the compost bin, but my string of hearts is thriving), my Olympus Mirrorless camera, and TayTay’s 1989 vinyl cover on display.

Leaning desk – West Elm
Gold “Stay Awhile” hook above desk – Urban Outfitters
Desk Chair – Wayfair
Cat Vase – Urban Outfitters

Shop My Office Nook:


I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a REAL kitchen that’s not facing my bedroom (if you’re confused, check out our Apartment Therapy feature from 2 years ago). Ben and I spend a lot of time cooking and trying out new recipes at home, so it was important to me to have an aesthetic but functional space.

I’m obsessed with the large counter tops and fridge. Not so excited about the electric glass cooktop, but gas stoves are hard to come by in rentals.

The wall in the kitchen was a bit empty and I had several ideas of what we could do with it. A mirror? A gallery wall? I decided to go with a raw wood floating shelf instead, which we bought from World Market, and decorate with some cookbooks, plants, and bowls. The actual process of putting this shelf up was extremely stressful because our stud finder didn’t work, but several patched up holes and emotional breakdowns later, it’s finally done!

Area rug – Target
Counter stools – Target
Dish rack – Yamazaki/West Elm
Blender – Vitamix
Water Kettle – KitchenAid
Toaster – Cuisineart
Milk frother – Breville
Blue planter – World Market
Salt Cellar – Hearth and Hand at Target
Soap Tray – Hearth and Hand at Target
It’s OK Flag – Etsy

Shop my kitchen:


Our bedroom isn’t sponsored by Target, but it might as well be (@Target, hit me up). Almost everything in this bedroom is not only from that store but from their in-house decor brands.

My makeup vanity is actually a console, which means it’s about 6 inches less deep than a traditional desk or vanity. This frees up a bit of room between the bed and the vanity. I used to keep all my makeup on top of my vanity with MUJI acrylic drawer sets, but now I just keep all my makeup inside the vanity to hide the clutter.

Our bed is the only item that’s not from Target – it’s an IKEA storage bed, and I love how much additional space it gives us. We keep our pajamas, workout, and out of season clothes in the drawers. The plant you see is a fake plant from IKEA, because we don’t get any natural light in this room.

Storage Bed – IKEA
Bedding – Urban Outfitters + Matching Pillow Shams
Nightstands – Target
Lamps – Target
Vanity/console – Target
Makeup Brush Holder – CB2
Chair – Amazon
Mirror – Amazon
Wood Mountain Wall Piece – GoingStag

Shop my bedroom:


What is there to say about this bathroom? Not much. We have a built in washer and dryer here, and it’s where I do my nightly skincare routine.

Shower Curtain – West Elm
Gold shower rings – West Elm
Litter box – Amazon
Hand Soap – Aesop
Wood tray – Target (sold out, similar here)
Ceramic vase – Target

Shop my bathroom:

I hope you enjoyed my apartment tour! Will I ever publish a video tour? Check back in another 9 months.


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