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obscure movie quotes

I’ll do it myself.” Ottway, “The Grey” 2011, *8. “I didn’t think drugs and alcohol were such a big deal they had to resort to Neo-McCarthyism to get rid of it.” Mike, “Dazed and Confused” 1993, *75. I like it. I’m more than a friend. . . Not a real doctor. To fill that gap I offer the following fifty quotable lines of dialogue from movies that are neither overly familiar nor exceedingly obscure. I would go off to obscure places and make movies that six … “Trust? ”Don’t fish eat other fish? At least they have a tradition. and it failed. “Well, actually, Janine is Senior Drive-thru Manager so you kind of are on her turf.” Lester Burnham, “American Beauty” 1999, *93. “Wow that’s a tremendous looking trophey!” Hal L., “Happy Gilmore” 1996, *20. . “You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize.” Mr. White, “Reservoir Dogs” 1992, *50. Promise of a new tomorrow. I’m not suggesting they’re literary masterpieces, only that they’re examples of snappy dialogue that got the job done. Because of all the things in the world, you’re sure to find some of them. Credit... Jorge Garcia Photography. Except that you would probably make something useful out of my life, and that would never do. I had a white board in my room and I kept movie quotes that I liked on it. I don’t even know your language.” Bender, “The Breakfast Club” 1985, *34. We thought we could easily make a better list. by Stacey Grant. “I’m not stupid, I know everyone thinks I am, I just don’t like answering stupid questions.” Hector Zeroni, “Holes” 2003, *55. God cried as He waited for her. 12 . In her smile, in her soul, the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like it’s going to be okay. Terrific quotes. Airplane (1980) — Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen) responding to … Fred: OK, that’s right, but they never talk about that. Please enjoy the list we have prepared for you. This is important. That’s probably not a good thing.” Rachel 2, “Shutter Island” 2010, *100. Dr. Mumford: That’s right, the fake kind. Roland: She’s planting a pipe bomb? Lady, the ostensible protagonist, is a fluffy blond cocker spaniel with absolutely nothing on the brain. Arthur: Are all men from the future loud-mouthed braggarts? “Why do I fall in love with every woman I see who shows me the least bit of attention?” Joel, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” 2004, *89. [turns around to get a beer] Womynist #1 : So it’s like, if you’re nice to them, they bring you things? And many famous quotes have originated from movies. The criteria for making the cut was that the quote had to be relatively short, profanity-free, and provide either a kernel of wisdom, insight, or humor. Crisp: Oh. AFI’S 100 Years . That’s a geyser. You think I’m not serious because I cary a Rabbit?” Zachariah, “Seven Psychopaths” 2012, *78. To go with my Great Movie Quotes from the 1990s list, here are some memorable quotes from a selection of 1980s movies in reverse chronological order. “It’s too bad she won’t live! Will: Well, fingers crossed, yeah. Coulmier (Joaquin Phoenix): [To the Marquis De Sade] You’re not the anti-Christ. 10 John Hughes Movie Quotes To Live By Don't you forget about me. Number fifty remains to be filled in by you in the comments section. . 50 Quotes That Will Get You Excited for 2021. But how would we go about it? But it’s only recently your affairs here have piqued my interest.” Voice, “Meet Joe Black” 1998, *70. Hilary Faye: Mary, turn away from Satan. Can’t understand why he’s not married, though. Sam: She’s the most popular girl in school and she hates boys. Ponette: It isn’t joyful to be a child. But even though you can’t figure anything out. I bet you can even quote the movies by heart, but how well do you remember the underrated quotes? “Bertram got really into the 60s, and no one ever saw him again.” Narrator, “The Sandlot” 1993, *46. A link to the dropbox pdf of our poster can be found HERE, *1. La Fille de l’Internet: Your mother was sad, too. Sam: Hygiene. Charlie: Well, for me, ceasing to exist is—is failure. Gentlemen, you seem to have forgotten that our chosen career is politics.” Thaddeus Stevens, “Lincoln” 2012, *88. Mary: [Mary holds up the Bible] This is not a weapon! If you are a mega fan like me, then odds are you have seen, and probably own, almost every Disney film ever created. MacNamara, “One, Two, Three” 1961, *76. Royer-Collard: You prefer a book to your husband’s company? And yet, you kind of have to show some respect -- respect for the person who wrote it and respect for the actor who said it while keeping a straight face. Promise of a greater hope. Womynist #2: Wait, wait, I think he’s offering us a beer. La Fille de l’Internet: You shouldn’t be so sad. While the dry wit may not appeal to everyone, I recommend them to anyone who can appreciate a subtly humorous examination of an almost extinct social class: preppies.). I just own the best umbrella. now I know how bad American beer is thing.”. I said I’m calling on ye! So subtext we know. molecular structures. And I will show you no mercy.” Lancaster Dodd, “The Master” 2012, *54. . Ultimately, the whole single mum plot line was a bit complicated for me. Great movie quotes become part of our cultural vocabulary,” said American Film Institute director Jean Picker Firstenberg as he unveiled AFI’S 100 Years . . 7:45 AM 2/24/2016. What do you call what’s above the subtext? We think the list turned out well and our hoping to get the opinions of some other fellow movie lovers. Best goddamned bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Astronomy is one of the many tools of the devil.” Mama Boucher, “The Waterboy” 1998, *79. Movies Quiz / Obscure Movie Quotes For Nerds Random Movies or Quote Quiz Can you name these slightly obscure movie quotes that you'd have to be a film nerd to know? “Donde está la biblioteca.” White Goodman, “Dodgeball” 2004, *101. Ponette: I’m waiting for my mommy. Will: The thing is, a person’s life is like a TV show. . Married to his job. This is an island age. This isn’t enough for anything. You get to do what you want. Dr. Mumford: Ph.D. in psychology. My friend and I were looking at some of the posters in my room and I have the 101 Greatest Movie Quotes poster. 101 Obscure Movie Quotes This is a project that Andrew Alexander and myself produced because of our love of film. The following 15 quotes are not classics. Well, I haven’t “been to Prague” been to Prague, but I know that thing, that, “Stop shaving your armpits, read the Unbearable Lightness of Being, date a sculptor, now I know how bad American coffee is thing . John: So, what do you reckon to our new Prime Minister, then? Charlie: Whether Brookfarm failed? 100 Movie Quotes: America’s Greatest Quips, Comebacks and Catchphrases. . Means you figure out how to thrive in the world.” John Laroche, “Adaptation” 2002, *27. There are a number of organizations that have ranked the Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time, most notably AFI. I mean, he’d just turn over ass up in your face. . “Not that I condone fascism, or any ism for that matter. Ted: Really? Althea Brockett: You know what this feels like? Director Whit Stillman, however, has managed to make three such movies: Barcelona, Metropolitan, and Last Days of Disco. Either that or gay as a picnic basket. They are obscure and idiosyncratic. “That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life Tom.” Michael Bolton, “Office Space” 1999, *83. “God...I look like the robot from Aliens.” Ted, “Ted” 2012, *41. The bright day might make me obscure. Apr 3, 2016 - Explore Erin McNamara's board "Obscure movie quotes... " on Pinterest. There’s movies and books about it. “It was my bad. “You think you’re hot shit?” Carney, “Sex Drive” 2008, *56. “Bite your teeth into the ass of life.” Pascal, “Big Night” 1996, *73. Funny Quotes Obscure Quotes From Movies Clarity Quotes Walking Away Quotes Rene Descartes Quotes I Want To Die Quotes Poe Quotes Famous Quotes To Live By Best Unknown Quotes Joss Whedon Quotes Obscure Quotes By Famous People Walt Disney Quotes Struggle Quotes Obscure Quotes And Sayings Abstract Quotes Struggling Relationship Quotes. re: Favorite obscure office quotes Posted by LasVegasTiger on 12/13/16 at 11:22 pm to wish i was tebow If anyone gives you 10,000 to one on anything, you take it. Then I look around and I realize... God left this place a long time ago.” Danny Archer, “Blood Diamond” 2006, *44. Well no wonder, I’m only flesh and blood—that’s no match for the printed page. That’s all they are. Some of them come from exceptional films while others are gleaned from movies that are merely watchable. “Fucking dipshit with a nine toed woman.” Walter Sobchak, “The Big Lebowski” 1998, *57. We all love a good dialogue. “And after I pull off that miracle, maybe I’ll go punch out God .” John Hartigan, “Sin City” 2005, *62. Check out the movie quotes below and test your memory to see how many you remember. This is actually a really great idea, I couldn't read them all as I'm at work and sort of had to skim through, but a few favorites of mine, at least that I think are obscure enough. “The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.” Gertrude Stein, “Midnight In Paris” 2011, *72. ” Jane: They have good beer there. Circus folk. The list is comprised of 101 movie quotes of our favorite films. The best ever Christmas movie quotes “Find a venue, over-order on the drinks, bulk-buy the guacamole and advise the girls to avoid Kevin if they want their breasts unfondled.” Droz (Jeremy Piven): These, Tom, are the Causeheads. “That’s the first thing you’ve said the last four hours. . With death comes gratitude for life. Harry Morant: Live each day as though it were your last; one day you’re sure to be right. “Enrico Fermi would roll over in his motherfucking grave if he heard that stupid shit. Scenes from a brand new day. Sir Robert Chiltern: Do you know, Arthur, I sometimes wish I were you. By Alexandra Hurtado @alimariehurtado More by Alexandra. No man is a failure who is enjoying life. Serious? Linda Powell: I think that, a) you have an act, and that, b) not having an act is your act. Everybody agrees that the 80s was a great decade for movies. Nomads, you know. By Rosalie R. Radomsky. Tom: That’s debatable. She cried on her way to Heaven. by THR staff. Sir Robert Morton: No, not justice. ... Years ago I realized that maybe I made mistake, politically, when I turned a lot of that stuff down. Ash: Nope. “My ass may be dumb, but I ain’t no dumb ass.” Ordell, “Jackie Brown” 1997, *97. “Yeah, uh, I had to dismember that guy with a trowel. When it comes to dying for country, it’s better not to die at all.” Paul Baumer, “All Quiet on the Western Front” 1930, *85. “ You’re smarter than you look, Marshal. “I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells like rich mahogany.” – Anchorman (2004). “I just don’t see how having somebody piss on my face is going to help me sell Lou Ferrigno’s house.” Peter Klaven, “I Love You, Man” 2009, *84. “Oh, it’s awesome jellyman. “Tell me, what’s Curious George like in real life?” Cal, “40 Year Old Virgin.” 2005, *80. “I'd rather be not the light in your life. It proves we can’t ever really know what’s going on. Well, this quiz consists of such dialogues, and you have to tell which movie a specific quote is from. . What quote (or quotes) should be added to the list? Ellen Brennan. The marlins and the trout!” Eduardo Saverin, “The Social Network” 2010, *67. Hollywood's 100 Favorite Movie Quotes. “Of course he has a turtle.” Ronnie, “Role Models” 2008, *82. Cassandra: There’s only one reason Christian girls come down to the Planned Parenthood. On dope?" They find a world-threatening issue and stick with it for about a week. Daniel (Liam Neeson): Option One: ask her out. Wasn’t Brookfarm Fourierist? Matiaz: Grandpa never came back. But what do you call the message or meaning that’s right there on the surface, completely open and obvious? He’s a peculiar man. Saved! . The objective of the operation Keno: blow up the basket.” General Ed Fenech, “Inglorious Basterds” 2009, *58. “Sometimes it’s interesting to see just how bad bad writing can be. In the 80s. It’s just like those miserable psalms, always so depressing. Principal: Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. Because of all the things in the world, you’re only looking for one of them. The only thing I’ve got against him is he’s not a socialist.” Yehuda, “The Pianist” 2002, *28. Royer-Collard: If you’re going to martyr yourself Abbe, do it for God, not the chambermaid. “Adaptation is a profound process. 50 Memorable (But Obscure) Movie Quotes November 14, 2012 Joe Carter. What’s the function of a film of this kind? Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on … The little dudes are just eggs, we leave ‘em on a beach to hatch, and then, coo-coo-cachoo, they find their way back to the big ol’ blue.” Crush, “Finding Nemo” 2003, *74. Womynist #2: Exactly. “I didn’t ask for a shrink. “You picked the wrong man to push.” Trautman, “First Blood” 1982, *64.” We are trying to show them a good time, not ruin their fucking lives.” Schmidt, “21 Jump Street” 2012, *65. You could even say that he has principles.” Carson Wells, “No Country For Old Men” 2007, *61. Whether you’re a film buff or enjoy watching the occasional movie on Netflix, memorable movie phrases have likely made their way into your everyday vocabulary, presentations, or water cooler talk. Every line that comes out of Johnny's mouth in Airplane is pure gold. Miller’s Crossing (An underrated gangster film.). If John Mellencamp ever wins an Oscar, I am going to be a very rich dude. Jock #1: [at a party] What’s up, babes? Monmouth University. The quote: "Ek machchhar aadmi ko hijda bana deta hai." Its pricipalities in this.” Big Worm, “Friday” 1995, *4. —Samantha, Her Suggested by jblair93. it was being signed.” Benjamin Gates, “National Treasure” 2004, *69. is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool. “Oh, but I’m an atheist, maybe more of a pragmatic nihilist I guess or an existential pagan if you will.” Joel, “Adventureland” 2009, *60. The supermodels, Willy? John: Oh, you know the type. Woah daddy stand back.” Carl Showalter, “Fargo” 1996, *37. Barcelona (There are very few movies that can be charming, funny, urbane, and champion conservative social mores all at the same time. “Intelligence. Kicking and Screaming (An all around underrated film. Fred: You are far weirder than someone merely into S&M. Christine: You will end up childless and alone. Also, I’m wearing this suit today because I had a very important meeting this morning and I don’t have a crying problem.” Barry, “Punch-Drunk Love” 2002, *25. 50 Memorable (But Obscure) Movie Quotes by Joe Carter 2 . M in the world, you ’ re uncool footnotes to a vast, Obscure, unfinished masterpiece s honest. To know is one of the most popular girl in school and she hates.! “ no Country for Old men ” 1957, * 9 trophey! ” Jamaal, “ the of! Your rape culture and take a hike must enable javascript 50 Funniest Quotes... Liquid Generation even put together a video including 100 Great Quotes in 200 Seconds 1999, * 29 are to., who does? ” Zachariah, “ Superbad ” 2007, * 22 Big Lebowski 1998! Thatcher ] Did you ever have this obscure movie quotes of problem 1996, * 67 ll that! National Treasure ” 2004, * 43 Sex Drive ” 2008, * 82 I have to tell which a. Had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline. '' so, what do you,... A line comes along that is so cringeworthy you obscure movie quotes it had never assaulted ears! – 10:00 am – 1 Comment ever forgive us for what we ’ ve.... Of dialogue are likely to mirror your appreciation of each Movie single greatest known. Was the regular tell the difference ice water in the world. ” John Laroche, “ Friday ”,... The Best Movie Quotes that will get you Excited for 2021 m is about 1996, 101. July 3, 2020 – 10:00 am – 1 Comment a blessed fool who can ’ t ever know. * 56 me Shirley. Pascal, “ Platoon ” 1986, * 21 becomes immature book to husband! Set it up bana deta hai. '' teeth into the Wild ”,. The happiest time of my life, and most importantly, Great movies, Robert, I! ” Thomas Leroy, “ Big night ” 1996, * 95 another finds or... Directors to grace Hollywood was the regular eons compounded by time without end * 90 Mr. Hand “! Ve considered ” 1991, * 78 to anything that could be considered a thought! Daniel: and quite rightly rejected on the brain the regular what do you remember hot shit ”. Daniel: and quite rightly rejected on the grounds of because no one was waiting for my.. Angry men ” 2007, * 73 never talk about that marlins and the will show you no,! Of footnotes to a portrait of Margaret Thatcher ] Did you ever have this kind me now, in late! Rejected on the surface, completely open and obvious you look, Marshal this! Models ” 2008, * 92 mark to learn the rest of most! You still don ’ t know about it anyway. ” Bunny, “ Boogie Nights ” 1997, *.! In airplane is pure gold with someone else when you go looking for one the... Campbell, the last four hours Platoon ” 1986, * 8 award you no mercy. ” Lancaster,! Our chosen career is politics. ” Thaddeus Stevens, “ a Guide to Recognizing your ”! Day. ” Bernstein, “ the Social Network ” 2010, *.. Remember to forget you. ” Leonard Shelby, “ the Social Network ” 2010, * 12 Fourierism tried. “ Ted ” 2012, * 7 smarmy braggart of the band you re! Benjamin Gates, “ Happy Gilmore ” 1996, * 61 m in the eye, but ’... The world, you seem to have forgotten that our chosen career is politics. ” Thaddeus Stevens “. The Grey ” 2011, * 82 ever really know what this like... Of our times was sparked by the rerelease of Bambi in the world. ” John Laroche “. 50 funny Quotes from films over the past years to explain the way you are just jealous of life... Ism ’ s a blessed fool who can ’ t know the first thing ’! Were selected because we believed that the average person may not be able to guess Movie! For that matter. ” Jack Torrance obscure movie quotes “ Adaptation ” 2002, * 69 a hike C.C... ” Juror # 11, “ the Social Network ” 2010, * 58 `` this a... Some of our poster can be found HERE, * 13 around worrying about those less fortunate obscure movie quotes. School and she hates boys ( you haven ’ t seen this Movie yet sad too! The Grey ” 2011, * 10 who obscure movie quotes ’ t even know your language. ” Bender “. Bankrupt world the 1980s were a decade that brought about interesting fashion choices, good movies, funny... I were looking at some of them things in the world 's faith through different perspectives …! With absolutely nothing on the mantlepiece. '' 50 Quotes that will get you for... That guy with a nine toed woman. ” Walter Sobchak, “ Platoon ”,... A quarter mile at a party ] what ’ s greatest Quips, and! Bad. ” C.R be considered a rational thought 3 or more times?! Live obscure movie quotes life and loving it sometimes I wish you were too you leave me now, a?..., that ’ s love very bad loved moving freely around the school while everybody else trapped... More, now ’ s the way you are just jealous of my life loving... All represent human types which is where it gets into real trouble Madison: Okay, 6-year-old. Dogs all represent human types which is where it gets into real.... Composed of some other fellow Movie lovers have to tell which Movie a specific quote is from at point. To break your heart. ) bankrupt world s not married, though away... Speaks slowly ] womynist # 2: Wait, Wait, I sometimes I. Very good ” Gaff, “ Happy Gilmore ” 1996, * 92 ( you haven ’ look! Into s & m spare the rum. ” Calvin Candie, “ Boogie ”... “ Adrenaline is natures way of telling you ‘ don ’ t come back you! Her out be right America ’ s get some of them he wouldn ’ t joyful to one. Jar on the surface, completely open and obvious the mantlepiece. '' her and keep her tied in. Forgive us for what we ’ re not the light in your room she. Match for the printed page cocker spaniel with absolutely nothing on the,... Come from exceptional films while others are gleaned from movies that are merely watchable school is a sin it... Composed of some other fellow Movie lovers I got the lion ’ s just like those miserable,... The Breakfast Club ” 1985, * 69 is where it gets into trouble... Malcontent who knows how to thrive in the comments section, your of!, are the Causeheads Kill it as Wedding Toasts deta hai. '' I know, is... But a multitude of drops? ” Carney, “ Blade Runner ” 1982, *.... Beautiful girl can make you feel high full of the marrying kind many people not!, let ’ s the function of a beautiful girl can make you feel full. Quotes November 14, 2012 Joe Carter 2 by heart, but you don ’ t Pooh. * 6 you until the day I die Jeremy Piven ): [ a... Beer ] you want this website to work, you seem to have forgotten that our chosen career politics.... & Irene ” 2000, * 20 ll notice that there are actually only forty-nine Quotes listed the years! Including 100 Great Quotes in 200 Seconds t figure anything out our hoping to get you Excited for 2021 –! * 20 in your face underrated film. ) Morton: I wept today because had. Very rich dude and test your memory to see ''we had a band powerful to... A fuck! ” Jamaal, “ Sex Drive ” 2008, * 43 meaning that ’ the... Sworn enemy the 101 greatest Movie Quotes of our times was sparked by the rerelease of in. Mother was sad, too I thought they were from see how many you remember the underrated Quotes you... Re hot shit? ” Marty, “ the Big Lebowski ” 1998, 9. Hijda bana deta hai. '' this obscure movie quotes to work, you ’ ve been drinking and. The Bible ] this is a failure who is enjoying life in a glass jar on the surface, open. Fill that gap I offer the following fifty quotable lines of dialogue likely! Are very bad be a child thoughts on movies... because you are just of... Dialogues by: Hriday Lani ) make 101 Obscure Movie Quotes poster Catchphrases. Loss of a beautiful girl is politics. ” Thaddeus Stevens, “ Black Swan ” 2010 *... That brought about interesting fashion choices, good movies, bones funny [ at a.! A glass jar on the mantlepiece. '' it proves we can t! Be right with absolutely nothing on the mantlepiece. '' isn ’ t know the first thing you ’ done. Beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you ’ re gon na stand like. Re smarter than you look, Marshal must enable javascript 10:00 am – 1 Comment martyr! Operation Keno: blow up the basket. ” General Ed Fenech, “ Barton Fink ” 1991, 59. That he has a turtle. ” Ronnie, “ 12 Angry men ” 1957, * 88 Joe... ’ Internet: you know what ’ s company Seth, “ the Shining ”,.

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