Click to Call Us!. Step 1: Edit Button Settings. It only takes a few minutes to add Click-to-Text to your website with our click-to-text-button generator. The tag works with images too. The last step is for site owners who want to add a clickable phone number to widget-ready areas in WordPress. We would love to hear from you. Schedule in-person training for a hands-on and personalized HubSpot training experience. Much like clicking on an email address often opens your email system with a subject already created, many other communication systems can be click to call. To add your static Click To Call button, create a new page or post in WordPress and click on the plus icon. will open the visitor's default email program on their device and compose a new email to a specific email address. Search, vote for, and submit ideas to improve the HubSpot platform. You can modify any mailto link to generate an email with a specific email subject line. If you want to make a button onclick, you need to add the onclick event attribute to the