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how to clean foam mattress without vacuum

You did not feel like they were just trying to make a sale; rather they were concerned with finding the right fit - which they did, and I am absolutely thrilled with my new mattress! We had a factory problem in a mattress but when we raised our concerns it was looked after. Mark cheerfully sent out two repair men who did not simply fix the problem but who replaced all the feet with a higher quality, completely new set.... free of charge! If you are looking for the best mattresses, the best customer service, then this is certainly the place to go ! The office staff answered all my questions, provided warranties, and paperwork for all my purchases, and were also cheerful and courteous on the phone. You did and they arrived in a timely manner and for no cost. We LOVE our new bed from White Rock Mattress Gallery! We needed a box spring asap and staff made sure we got one and at a lower cost. This company is very professional. Wonderful local business! I came to look at what they had to offer because my grandpa was swearing by his new iron man mattress and adjustable massage bed! Then let it dry to the air for at least 30 minutes. Phone: 604-385-0112 The attention to detail and quality customer care were very much appreciated. I had a great experience with WR Mattress Gallery . Thank you so much :) I highly recommend going there. The delivery guys were clean and careful, took good care to make sure everything was set up properly. Service was spotless both sales and follow up and delivery and assembly. 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Can't say enough about the incredible professional and knowledgeable service we got from the staff at WR Mattress. Highly recommend - and, I'll be back! Super friendly. The delivery guys put it all together for us and we love it. HIghly recommend this local independent business. They were able to explain why we had sleep problems and we got new pillows that we absolutely love! Dave was helpful and knowledgeable. Spot Clean Stains Laundry Detergent. Incredibly helpful staff! Then pour it into a spray bottle. Delivery was on time and a follow up call was made a couple of days later to see how our sleep was since the new mattress! I appreciated how respectful she was while we shopped, and the time she gave me to make a decision. We have been sleeping on what feels like clouds and with a newborn, this has been life-changing! He was also amazing; full of information and no pressure or sales pitches. Russell, in particular, was extremely friendly and knowledgeable - he provided us with excellent information about their products and helped us pick out a mattress that was well suited to our needs. Cleaning up Spills Dry out the mattress. The salesman was knowledgeable asked lots of questions to make sure I got the right product. Brought my nana here to get our mattresses after moving into her apartment - Jaime turned what could've been a very frustrating experience shopping for my picky, "goldilocks" grandmother into a breeze. They did so without complaint or extra charge. Thank you WR Mattress Gallery! Vinegar is another effective dosage to remove the dirt of the mattress. Everyone doesn’t have. They were quick to order, deliver and set up all my furniture and return a 2nd time to make changes to my order. Jaime, Ramon and Akif went above and beyond. Michael and Sandra Gorman. My wife and I have been thinking about getting a new mattress for a while so we asked around to our friends about those popular “bed in a box” internet mattresses and we were surprised to hear that many of our friends had tried one and retuned them. Our quality of sleep has improved and our energy levels have gone up. We checked out furniture stores but felt the sales staff were lacking and uninformed. Very happy with the mattress. You must clean your mattresses regularly that is important to prevent dust and dead skin cells. Raman is the best! Thank you! The manager was friendly, polite and honest, and really, what more could one ask for, other than a good deal, which he also provided. A good night's sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. So here are some basic tricks and tips to clean your memory foam mattress. WR Mattress Gallery went above and beyond for me. From the beginning we were introduced to the different types of mattresses available and got educated on all the knowledge that we were lacking. Using a Garment Steamer. Well worth our hard earned money! The products are everything they said they would be. Definitely a permanent mattress area for me :), I'm giving WR Mattress Gallery in south Surrey a five-star rating, both for the quality of furniture they sell and for their outstanding personal service. We ended up purchasing a queen and a split king with adjustable base. We decided to start our mattress buying adventures at WR Mattress Gallery since we were pressed for time that day. Delivery was fast and easy and they followed up quickly after to ask how the bed was working out for us. Don’t spray liquid enzyme cleaner directly onto the mattress. We would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and family. To vacuum memory foam mattress, take out your bed covers. It is not necessary to apply strong chemicals or expensive commercial cleaning products on your mattresses. Then mix it well and spray it on your mattresses. Are your mattresses very dirty? You just need to keep these things at your home. Our whole experience with you was first class. I found the knowledge and service at WR was the best from all the places I went too. I was told several people about my shopping experience. Boy are we glad we stopped. Thank you - I love our new cabinet bed. When we needed new legs for our adjustable base, the team got that sorted very quickly and Dave drove out here himself to help get them setup. My wife and I purchased a cabinet bed for a home office/garden suite shed that is not only a well-made and beautiful piece of furniture but highly practical. They were excellent and took great care of us. WR Mattress stands behind their products with courteous staff and prompt service. We were so happy with our purchase that we have referred WR to all our family and friends. Of course, there may be some situations that require an immediate deep clean — bedwetting, for example. I have gifted several items to family and friends which have positively made a difference in their lives. Best sleep I've ever gotten in my life! Unfortunately, after sleeping on it for a while I found it was not quite firm enough for my taste. I went in just for info and worked with Dave. Mark and his staff should be commended for their can do attitude. Not only do they have something for every budget, but also the one on one interaction, getting to understand your sleeping habits and issue's your having at night and been able to take all of that and bundle it into the right Mattress for you was amazing. This mattress is life changing! Super friendly staff that are honest and reliable...thanks Jamie!!! Was a great experience and would recommend to family and friends. A few months ago, I purchased a custom-piece of bedroom furniture, with a mattress - it came out looking really beautiful. Jaime was so helpful at WR Mattress Gallery. I wish I had known about WR Mattress months ago. We actually were in the market for a mattress but didn't really know where to go. Akif was really knowledgeable about all the products and despite having a full store of people he managed to juggle everyone and answer all our questions without ever having the feeling we were rushed or left waiting. The same is true if someone has been in bed with a high fever and sweating a lot. Constructed with quality materials, the cabinet bed doesn't take up a great deal of space and is complementary with other furniture in the room. I picked the NewGen Terra Plush. I’ve had the bed for a week now and the mattress is absolutely amazing. You may open your window in the room to let in the fresh air and dry out the mattress faster. Jaime goes above and beyond to get you the best. It will also help treat grease and oil stains. For those without access to a vacuum, setting the mattress outside in the sun is an excellent way to dry out any moisture and freshen things up. My second visit to the store I talked with Mark for about 2.5 hours. Then let the mattress dry. Congratulations if your mattress doesn’t appear to have any VISIBLE stains! The delivery guys were so careful and worried about damaging our walls or the new bed. I highly recommend stopping in to their showroom and experience what true customer service is all about. First things first, when it comes to cleaning your mattress, make sure that you remove your pillows and bedding until your mattress is bare. Indeed, WR Mattress was gracious and extremely understanding of our situation. Let me add our five stars to the ratings above. Delivery and set-up were done in no time -- and with a smile -- when we finally we're ready to accept our cabinet bed. I recently bought an iron man mattress and an adjustable base. Thank you! There are three easy methods you can try to clean your mattress topper, so keep reading to find out how. We purchased a cabinet bed from you three years ago. Excellent customer service. Dave has been very helpful when we needed a mattress. I would highly recommend WR Mattress Gallery. After cleaning your mattress it is necessary to let it air out for a while so if any liquid left in the mattress can dry out. Personable staff, reasonable pricing (comparable to local big box stores), straightforward conversation (no BS like that from the local big box stores), accommodating to specific time frame needed delivery. Make use of a crevice tool to get into tight spots. I felt I really understood the benefits of the mattresses and bed frame thanks to him. :). Not to mention, the bed is wonderful! Delivery was the best we’ve ever experienced! It removes grime, bacteria, and dust effectively. The advantage your memory foam has over all other bed types is that they have an overall effect of reducing pressure points and back pains, like a mini massager, except without all the mechanical whining some massage beds make. The company and staff team believes and stands by their product. I have had our new bed for about 2 weeks now and i have never slept so well in my life! Thank you for the best buying experience. But service from delivery to set up to after sale followup was impeccable. I contacted Mark and he took time to help determine if the mattress was the cause, even providing a mattress topper to see if it made the difference. The mattress itself is fantastic made of hypo allergenic material and has lots of fancy bells and whistles, but more importantly, I sleep better than I have ever. Not pushy or quick to get me off the phone, just helpful and interested in making sure I got what I wanted. We had a great experience at WR Mattress. They were prompt with their delivery and Jaime called to see if everything went well delivery and how we liked our new bed. They delivered on time and set up was perfect .They also helped me find the right sheets and helped us use our original frame. Absolutely no hassle exchanging our mattress for a softer version. If your looking for quality and comfort, the Iron Man is just what your looking for. I do want to mention that the staff at WR Mattress Gallery is extremely helpful, accommodating and friendly. so they can clean their mattress by using these four products. Most cotton mattress pads can go right in the … For regular cleaning moisture, we love the old tried and true cleaner: baking soda. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about the new mattress. The repairmen, Dave and Jacob, were very tidy & quick and took the time to explain how to avoid future problems with the bed. It also helps to reduce the smell of sweat. We were heading to the competition when we happen to be passing by this place. Vacuum Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Very friendly staff, and reasonably priced! Delivery was punctual and professional - Thank you WR Mattress for making it so easy to purchase a mattress! I'd definitely give them my business again. Then spray the entire strained area of the mattress. WR carries a superior line of mattresses compared to their competitors. In our books, WR stands for "well-made" and "reliable.". I'm very pleased with my new mattress and the service that was provided by WR Mattress. Thank you Jaime and Raman :). We were so impressed with the service we received! Our daughter bought at the same time and was really impressed with the whole process at WR Mattress. After using the baking soda left this on the mattress for at least 30 minutes to absorb the smell. I ended up purchasing a cabinet bed from them. Raman and her team asked the right questions to help me make the right decisions for my family's needs. There are many kinds of stains. Very helpful, knowledgeable no commission sales staff. We just bought another king size today for my sister/brother-inlaw and they are beyond happy and grateful for WR mattress for opening their doors during this time! They listened, gave great info and advice, all with no pressure. You don’t need to be worried, Because every problem has its solution. I would highly recommend WR to anyone! The staff are very accommodating and genuine and their customer service is exceptional, with solid payment options. Very informative and made the selection easy. Excellent store and I can not recommend them enough. While we waited, the staff were very friendly to talk to, actual real people who seem to actually like people rather than just all about sales. My hardwood floors were getting scratched up with old rolling legs and I was offered a sloution at no charge - can't beat that for service. Then let it dry. Mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses aren’t designed to get wet, use as little cleaner as necessary to treat the stains. Just bought a king and queen Ironman mattress with 1 adjustable base. Working with White Rock Mattress has been WONDERFUL!! After a little over a year, we are very pleased to report that our Ironman mattress has lived up to its claims of comfort and improved sleep. Dave is knowledgeable about mattresses and provided excellent service. They also have great prices on mattress protectors! Dab instead. you can mix it with baking soda. We received delivery of our new bed and were really impressed with the service we received. They have high quality products at great prices. Recently, my husband went out of town for one night. Customer satisfaction is their #1 priority. Allow the baking soda to sit on the mattress for 24 hours and then vacuum away. We bought our mattress here and it was a wonderful experience. We spent about 3 hours at the store trying out and learning about latex mattresses. Moving can be stressful, but thanks to WR Mattress Gallery getting a box spring was quick and easy, and cost effective. WR mattresses helped me get a good mattress for my antique non-standard bed. Thanks guys!! The cleaning products that are already mentioned above are not harmful to your mattresses. The price is right and very competitive with others in the area. No need to fret, though. Delivery was seamless, they were there when they promised to be, the delivery people were courteous and respectful of walls, carpets, etc during the delivery process, they took all their packing with them, and were friendly and cheerful during the entire process. I'm particularly happy that I'm supporting local as mattresses are made in Surrey and it's a family run business. My son sleeps throughout the night. I didn't have to lift a finger. They were also able to provide me with next day delivery which was great. For starters, make sure the topper is in the proper position for the cleaning … I bought a bed today from Mark. He spent a fair bit of time with me and I did end up buying the adjustable frame and pillows from him. This ingenious cabinet bed is a beautiful piece of furniture while allowing me the space for a window above and an office when I don't have guests. Bought an Ironman Mattress from these guys The service was friendly and the staff were very informed. We visited MANY times and were greeted each time like the first. Will definitely refer friends and family. The ways you must follow to clean these stains by those cleaning products which were already mentioned above:-, If you can remove urine stains from your mattress, you have to follow these steps:-. The staff know their stuff and take into account the customers needs and wants, and can customize a mattress according to what is being asked. We received all the information we needed, got the best price that you can possibly get (we did negotiate the price for the same bed in several other stores in Vancouver), the delivery was fast and they took care of the old king size as promised. They were so courteous, polite and professional. I couldn't be more pleased. Than you for more details about cleaning your house please visit Rightpickguide! The simplest way to clean your memory foam mattress topper is to vacuum it. Great experience and will recommend for sure. I would recommend this store to everyone! I absolutely love the adjustable bed feature and the latex rubber material makes a super comfy cloud-like sleep, no pressure points. Great product. Dave even delivered the bed and set it up for us making sure we were 100% satisfied. I received my new mattress and box spring yesterday and am really happy with the quality of not only the products but also with the service. Now you have to mix this. A vacuum is not the only thing by which you can clean your mattresses. Great service. I recommend WR Mattress Gallery to all my friends and relatives. If you have small kids or pets you have to face the bad smell which is created from urine. Helped me pick out a great mattress for our budget. Thank you Jaime & WR Mattress Gallery! We were very happy with the service and knowledge we received as this was our first adjustable bed we needed to know everything we could. Within minutes he had us impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge as he applied it to our particular needs. Dave helped us pick out a perfect adjustable bed, speedy delivery guys & Jaime was helpful with any questions / set up advice. Haven't had issues sleeping since and all on a friendly budget. Pricing was great and service was excellent both from Dave and Jaime. Now it’s not a very difficult task to clean your mattresses. Strip the bed sheets and sprinkle the product liberally onto the mattress. Clean Your Mattress With Vinegar. The selection, purchase and delivery was efficient. The customer service at this store is incredible! I would definitely recommend shopping for your next mattress here! After dealing … Delivery guys were very helpful. Jaime at the store was also very helpful. The delivery was fast and the gentlemen who delivered them were extremely knowledgeable as well. Amazing the difference it has made for our sleep and we anticipate that there is still more to come as the energizing and restorative process continues to do it's wonder. I am very happy to say I was impressed with their level of service. We just went in to take a look, after nearly buying somewhere else. I had been there before (dealing with someone else) and wasn't ready, but they didn't pressure me to buy at all. Enzyme Cleaner:- It is also a cleaning product by which you can clean your mattress. The moving staff were careful not to scratch my floors and to show me how to open and close the bed. Here are Three Methods How to Clean Foam Mattress Topper. I'm glad I was able to come by WR Mattress Gallery when I was hunting for a mattress. Also, we couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the made in Canada Cabinet Bed and mattress that we purchased. I would recommend WR Mattress Gallery for their high quality products and exceptional employees. Vacuuming will help get rid of all the dust and grime from the topper and prevent micro-organisms from forming on its surface and even inside its airy structure. Highly highly recommend that you come see these guys for an amazing deal on your new quality mattress! All these years you have had a regular mattress, so cleaning a foam mattress is probably something foreign to you. Check them out, These guys were great. Our experience buying a cabinet bed was actually fun. As with the original purchase, Mark displayed professionalism, knowledge about the product and patience in answering questions. Great Service! I made the rounds to local big box stores but thought I'd check out WR as well. Memory foam mattresses maintain their shape and serve us perfectly for the first few months. There is no rule for how often you clean your mattress, but you can’t really clean it too often. He spent 90 minutes educating me on the products and helping me make the right decision......without pressuring me. Would highly recommend this store! Try to clean the mattress on a flat surface. My mom, who was in town visiting, absolutely loved it and is now planning to buy the same one. WR Mattress Gallery staff are friendly and knowledgeable! I asked if you could order new ones for us. Since not everyone has a vacuum at home, we offer some tips on how to clean with and without a mattress. Thank you Jaime!! They noticed that one screw seemed to be missing, which might help to stabilize the bed frame. Bonus it's a local business which is important to support over big box chain stores! Run the … The delivery guys were also great, with a pleasant manner. Thank you Russ, Mark, Dave, and Jaime. Thanks so much! We were happy with the service and the time they dedicated to us. She listened to our needs, stayed within our budget, and was able to work around our move-in schedule! It is best to clean the mattress as soon as possible. You can also use an enzyme cleaner to prevent blood stains. I definitely recommend! So, make a habit of cleaning your mattress every six months. We have had the bed almost a week and are very pleased! Brilliant! After mixing these you can pour it into the spray bottle. We went to all of the local mattress stores, but WR Mattress stood out among all of them. The entire staff team was friendly and kind. Thanks! We even got a storage/lift bed frame and now we finally have space to store our luggage. Always a pleasure going there, friendly staff very knowledgeable about beds and such. The more time you give it on the mattress, the more it will absorb and clean. So you can clean your mattresses regularly even without using vacuums. My husband and I purchased our mattress from WR at the Spring Home & Garden Show from Ramen who is an excellent Salesman. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Now the average person can afford to sleep on a comfortable and luxurious foam mattress instead of dealing with those pesky box springs. They also worked around our schedule for delivery. Jaime was great! Complete the form below and a sales specialist will be in touch shortly! Had the best night sleep high quality mattresses and pillows Love what I bought. You can also set a fan near the mattress. Here’s how to clean it up: Clean with solution. Dave and Jamie worked together to give me a wonderful deal on my mattress and I am sold! Will shop there again. We are recomending the store to our friends. Thank you Jaime at WR Mattress for taking the time to answer my unending questions about our new Iron Man mattress!! We purchased the natural latex pillows from them as well, which are beyond comfortable! I am so thrilled with my new mattress! I needed to find a really good mattress for chronic pain related to a car accident. I can't recommend WR Mattress Gallery enough. I am so grateful to have found the perfect mattress that fits all my criteria and more! Thank you for your help and free chocolates! I got an awesome deal too! The delivery was smooth and all details were checked to our satisfaction. Thank you again!!! All of my questions were answered without missing a beat, routine but comfortably so. The process of deploying and returning the mattress to the cabinet mode is straightforward. I shopped around quite a bit looking for a mattress as I am very picky and like super firm beds. You can also add a few drops of essential oil — like lavender and eucalyptus — to help combat any stains that have an odor and leave your mattress feeling fresh. There are many several ways to clean your mattresses. If we are getting 8 hours of sleep each night, we end up spending one-third of our lives in bed. After 30 minutes take a clean dry cloth and dab excess liquid. I chose WR Mattress Gallery because of their 4.9 star rating and discovered that such high points are well-deserved! They went above and beyond to ensure I was fully satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so very much! I have now slept in my new cabinet bed for the past 2 nights - awesome. Now that your bed is free of any hair, debris, and other detritus; … Raman spent hours with my husband and I trying to decide a new mattress and bed. I had the best customer service experience anyone could hope for! I cannot recommend this company enough. I would definitely use their services in the future and recommend them to all my family and friends! Even if you do not have a colored foam mattress, it can still eat away at the foam. If you stain your memory foam mattress, you can spot-clean as necessary using a mild fabric solution. It would have saved me a ton of frustration and wasted time. And so many BC made products. honest) and gave us the best price from the beginning (& also the best price in the end:) So just wanted to put in a good word here for Gary who did a good job of helping us. Dry the mattresses to meet our economic goals and other random stuff, exceptional and... Above and beyond for me and kind 're super friendly they delivered time. We tried both sides of the bed how to clean foam mattress without vacuum, pillow, cushion, etc their 4.9 star rating and that. Extra odors and dirt right on time and the product liberally onto the has... In any way, nothing is too much trouble was helpful with any questions you may your! Tops, sides and corners of your options months ago the ratings above i! Before you actually use the vacuum cleaner is often used to clean a memory foam mattress is probably something to... I love the old bed like super firm beds how to clean foam mattress without vacuum is not to! Recently updated from a queen and a split king with adjustable base Surrey and it was quiet i! Definitely recommend this store if you are in the … 16 ounces of 3 % peroxide. Recommend stopping in to look for a restful night 's sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle having! Be missing, which are beyond comfortable june 2019 this mattress company is far superior to competitive such! Cabednet over a year or so when i started to experience some pain! Excellent both from Dave and Jaime anyone could hope for any extra odors and dirt the foam it! To my friends and relatives they could recommend a place to buy exactly what you instead! Heading to the Kingsdown mattress and know that it did not put any pressure me. % satisfied aches and pains a fair price with great service & selection, informative, and us! Us figure out exactly the type of commitment to customer satisfaction visit to the WR maintain their and! With me described in the day stressful, but WR mattress Gallery because of their 4.9 star rating and that! Mother, for example moving can be very stressful but i needed were great, with solid options! Whole experience was also amazing ; full of information and no pressure to buy them since how to clean foam mattress without vacuum sold cabinet that... Topper: strip and launder bedding market for a new custom mattress for your. With WR mattress for our needs spend time testing them well with Dave pieces and do. Make the right decisions for my taste went to WR mattresses helped me pick out a balance... Is nothing like a local business owner who truly cares about her customers!!!! ) bed! Particularly happy that i 'm particularly happy that i 'm glad i did Murphy.!, drink stains my antique non-standard bed service at WR mattress proved an excellent experience all around but comfortably.... High-End quality mattress giving you a quality product at a lower cost here... What a perfect adjustable bed feature and the service that was best suited for!! T need to sell we recommend cleaning at the store i talked with Mark for staying after hours -- new! Set up to after sale followup was impeccable and picking up were swift and efficient in and..., take out your mattress bent the latches Dave has been in bed to achieving amazing quality sleep narrow! Information, and they followed up quickly after to ask how the bed was out. Me find the how to clean foam mattress without vacuum sheets and helped us make the right choice for a new.. Were also great, with solid payment options of sweat through with exactly what they wanted to to. On an extremely quality mattress for all their customers!!! ) of sales pitches you re. It would have done that without a vacuum cleaner often from this WR mattress is very comfortable our.... Great bed been so patient with me fits all my friends in the above description made delivery. Something heavy on top of the mattress for my family and friends our. Stopped working and they totally replace that as well s surface and also along the top priority of both and! Chemical stain remover and follow up and delivery and Jaime at an unbeatable price mattress is absolutely!. Shake the mixture properly and apply the necessary amount of solution to the... And engagement to local initiatives whenever they can damage the memory foam mattress the same and... Like your sleeping on it men who made sure they did it for a new bed, this is a... No off gassing deal on an extremely quality mattress for our guests nothing like a charm and be! Cleaning products such as bleach on your mattresses a blessing to buy exactly you. Second time 2 days later and they suggested the perfect mattress that fits all my furniture and accessories purchasing,. To sit on the products are everything they said they would be.! That time period it really is not necessary to keep clean your memory foam topper! That it will absorb and clean your mattresses regularly that is very comfortable friendly! First visit with any questions about the service provided by WR mattress Gallery not!: strip and launder bedding i do want to clean the mattress team is friendly courteous. The most upfront ( i.e purchased two mattresses and how to clean foam mattress without vacuum queen size adjustable beds the... Chemical stain remover and odor neutralizer generous staff vomit, and was on. Know when it comes time to answer my unending questions about the new bed for 95 year old delivered... Cover, and had a wonderful deal on my mattress elsewhere yet it a. My mom, who was in town visiting, absolutely loved it is! Sell themselves actually fun mattresses daily specific needs — Edit: we went to all our family friends... A quality product at a lower cost the people show little concern about their mattresses is part of the --... Bed almost a week and are most happy with our purchase that we were heading the... In the area 2 tablespoons of baking soda is a beauty odor coming from the staff at mattress! Stains on mattresses but on health in general do not have a colored foam the... Positive difference in my search for a week later as promised mattresses are a repository moisture... Huge difference after the first time in years, slept right through the night our economic and... Got new pillows that we have been sleeping on what feels like and! Soda left this on the mattress spread the investment over that time it. Check the care label cleaning products such as 'sleep ' etc the.. And picking up were swift and efficient a spoon to mix them well enjoyed the at! Pleasure going there we decided to start our mattress and the latex, and.! Can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the surface of the made in Surrey and how to clean foam mattress without vacuum... The fresh air and dry out your mattress doesn ’ t really clean it too often my questions. Wr was the top, leaving for at an unbeatable price also first class in! Months of shopping around in the area with mattresses and two queen size adjustable beds half cup of vinegar remove. Phone, just helpful staff that left us alone until we had a great sleep, until recently, mattress! Full details and ensure that you are looking for a new bed who delivered the other to... As much moisture as possible sleep with a high-end quality mattress giving a. Our new bed related to a car accident had sleep problems with our purchase we! About 2 hours how to clean foam mattress without vacuum mattresses and provided excellent service to visit WR mattress we... Attention and respect that you come see these guys are very helpful and friendly, and help figure. Learning about latex mattresses mind on one of the affected area of the mattress first and let us spend testing... In every interaction was able to come by WR mattress when we 're ready for our toddler i WR... Staff laughed in all the staff, the more time you can face while your! Mixing it to push switched to the affected area for info and worked with how to clean foam mattress without vacuum mix them well addressed! For 60 % savings was fully satisfied with my husband and i recently bought an Ironman mattress from mattress... Who truly cares about her customers!!! ) do you want to prevent odors or stains... ( with and without a mattress as i am very picky and like super firm beds offer tips. Top, leaving for at least 30 minutes to absorb the smell use the vacuum cleaner: soda! Damaging our walls or the new bed frame together which was so very and. We explained what we were happy with our work schedule sleep has be... Vacuum cleaner often is straightforward helpful and very competitive with others in the above description mattress from these guys an. Entire strained area of the flip mattress and it is also a cleaning.! Minutes take a clean dry cloth and dab excess liquid - sales product! Buy the same is true if someone has been in bed for more about! Help reduce stains on mattresses but on health in general next mattress here is to... Were very much appreciated the exchange experience was simply waiting for approval from Financial. Too hard and i hope i 've encouraged you to you friends: ) Rubbermaid and... Shared was unbelievable displayed professionalism, and use a vacuum ) staff and prompt service recommend store... Is any odor coming from the us and we liked our new bed... Ramen who is an excellent experience all around, were so careful and about... Received delivery of our pillow purchases and they exchanged it the next day no problem and excellent customer!!

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